Okuma Spindle Repair



          We have the only Okuma factory trained spindle repair technicians outside of Charlotte NC. We repair Okuma spindles to OEM specifications. HST

          provides a factory equivalent warranty on all Okuma spindle repairs.


          If your Okuma spindle needs repair, HST is the best possible choice to support your needs.  Why? HST technicians are unique in their understanding

          of Okuma spindle repair procedures. Trained by Okuma spindle repair technicians at their Charlotte North Carolina facility, our technicians know the                     “Okuma way” of spindle repair. Additionally, Okuma technicians visit our Candia facility to help our technicians brush up on the latest techniques.

          Only HST enjoys this special relationship. But anyone can benefit from it when they have an Okuma spindle in need of repair. Just send it to HST.


          Our perfect record of hundreds of Okuma Repairs is another reason to choose HST to repair your Okuma spindle.


          They're not pretty when we get them. But they shine before they ship.



An Okuma KUO500 just received



An Okuma KUO500 ready for shipment



           Your Okuma spindle will be assembled in our air conditioned clean room area.  You might think you were in an operating room. Everything is carefully            cleaned and laid out for assembly.




An Okuma MX45-VAE spindle being assembled



An Okuma MX45-VAE spindle ready to head to the test stand



           At HST we have several housings that allow us to run-up and test certain Okuma spindles as well as some other brands that come in without a

           complete housing assembly like this Okuma HF-503 spindle.


An Okuma HF-503 without a housing

The same Okuma HF-503 spindle in our housing getting

ready for run-up and testing.


          Our customers will never see the inside of their Okuma cooling jacket. That's too bad, because when they leave HST they shine.


          Why is that important? Heat is a major contributor to spindle failure. Any corrosion, scale, or restrictions can adversely affect the

          thermal transfer coefficient of the cooling jacket. That can result in an excessive temperature rise and a premature spindle failure.



          All ports and passages are cleaned and checked  All o-rings are replaced and the whole unit is pressure tested after           assembly.


          If you get a chance to visit Okuma's technology center in Charlotte NC don't miss it. Besides showcasing their high

          end CNC machines, they demonstrate a variety of latest technology by different manufacturers interfaced with one

          of their machines.


          The Okuma Corporation was founded in 1898 in Nagoya, Japan. Okuma manufactures vertical and horizontal machining           centers,lathes, double column machining centers, grinders, and wheel machines.  At HST we repair the spindles that

          go in these machines.Okuma America began US operations in 1984 in Long Island, New York and moved to its present           facility in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1987. The Charlotte location is the headquarters for the manufacturing and

          training facilities for the North and South American operations.