Mazak Spindle Repair


             At High Speed Technologies, Inc. we repair Mazak Spindles to original factory performance with a full warranty. We have 25 years experience              repairing spindles.


             The Mazak name is synonymous with machining excellence. Mazak CNC machines offer exquisite precision in five axis machine centers as well  

             as a broad offering of other CNC machines. As so many of our customers have discovered, HST provides exquisite repairs for Mazak spindles.

             With HST you will find expert Mazak spindle repairs that will restore your spindle to like new performance with a full OEM equivalent warranty.

             But what you won’t find at HST is OEM “attitude” or OEM pricing.


             Technicians at HST are fully experienced in repairing the complex Mazak Integrex spindles. 






                              Mazak Integrex Spindle Before Repair                                                                  Mazak Integrex Spindle After Repair


             Mazak Integrex machines provide extraordinary machining flexibility. To accomplish this, these spindles incorporate some extraordinary complexity.              Besides automatic tool change, through tool coolant and milling capabilities, these motorized spindles can index and lock in place to provide tool holding              for either right or left turning functions.




                                    Mazak VTC-20B Spindle Before Repair                                                             Mazak VTC-20B Spindle After Repair



             OEM Mazak VTC-20B spindles are baby blue, Not only will your spindle come back baby blue but it will come back with OEM performance and equivalent              warranty.


             Non-motorized spindles are run up to full operational RPM on one of our test benches.


             This Mazak VTC-20B spindle (below) is being run-in. A grease spindle may take up to 8 hours to run-in. The spindle is fully instrumented for vibration,              balance and temperature.




Mazak VTC-20B Spindle Repaired and Running Up to Speed on One of Our Test Benches


             During run-in the temperature is carefully monitored. Once we see a “break” or a slight drop in temperature we know we’re ready to rev-up to the next              speed setting, usually 500 RPM faster. It’s a time consuming process and can’t be rushed.

Pressure testing a Mazak Integrex

400 spindle after repair with our

custom made adaptor.



     HST will custom make special adaptors to fully pressure test Mazak spindles. 

     When one of these spindles leaves our facility we back them up with a one year warranty.


     Installing stators into a coolant jacket offers the perfect opportunity to shear one of the large      O-rings that seal the stator.  Of course if that happens, you’ll find out soon enough. 

     At HST we take the time to custom make adaptors that allow us to fully pressure test every      spindle, so you won’t have any surprises.


     At HST we only use fully vulcanized Viton O-rings.  Some of our competitors save money

     using “homemade” o-rings

Competitor's homemade O-ring separating.

     If your Mazak spindle is oil lubricated like this 12,000 RPM Mazak VCN-510C (right), HST will

     carefully and thoroughly clean every orifice. You will get your spindle back with new oil lines installed.      Any damaged fittings will be replaced.


     Not all re-winds are equal. The insulation on this Mazak Integrex 400 spindle (below left) was

     not inverter rated and suffered a burn through. The spindle was sent to HST for repair.


Mazak VCN-510C Spindle Repaired


     HST uses only fully qualified vendors for our outsourced work. When it comes to re-winding high frequency spindle      motors we know where to go. After an OEM equivalent re-wind and a comprehensive rebuild the spindle

     performed like new.


     If your motorized spindle needs a rewinding be certain that your vendor uses inverter duty rated insulation. 

     If you use HST to repair your motorized spindle, you can be sure you will receive nothing but the best.


     At HST we have been repairing spindles for 25 years. We are one of the oldest and most trusted names in

     the spindle repair business. If your Mazak spindle needs repair, you can trust it with the oldest independent

     spindle repair shop, High Speed Technologies, Inc.  Call us, we answer the phone!