• Roller chains/โซ่ส่งกำลัง 

    • Oil field chains/โซ่สำหรับอุตสาหกรรมขุดเจาะสำรวจน้ำมัน 

    • Double pitch chains/โซ่สองชั้น 

    • Conveyor chains/โซ่ลำเลียง

    • Engineering chains/โซ่สั่งทำพิเศษ 

    • Silent chains/โซ่เก็บเสียง

    • Leaf chains/โซ่ไฮดรอลิค



      SKF chains completely  conform to International Standards (ISO) and other advanced industrial standards

      ( i.e ANSI and DIN) as shown below:

    • Short pitch transmission precision roller chains are manufactured according to ISO 606-1994, ASME B29.1M-1993 and

      DIN 8187/DIN 8188;

    • Double pitch precision roller chains for transmission and conveyors are manufactured according to ISO 1275-1995,

      ASME B29.3M-1994/AMSE B29.4-1994 and DIN 8181-2000;

    • Short pitch transmission precision bush chains are manufactured according to ISO 1395-1997, ASME B29.12M-1997 and

      DIN 8154/DIN 8164;

    • Steel roller chains/attachments (types S and C) are manufactured according to ISO 487-1998, ASME B29.19M-1996 and

      DIN 8169-1997;

    • Conveyor chains/attachments are manufactured according
       ISO 1977-2000, ASME B29.15M-1997 and DIN 8165/DIN 8166/DIN 8167;


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