Bridgeport Spindle Repair


     We repair Bridgeport spindles to like new condition. HST provides an OEM equivalent warranty on all Bridgeport spindle repairs.

     Both Bridgeport and HST enjoy a long history of reliable performance. Both are “originals”. At HST our experience with repairing Bridgeport spindles

     is second to none. The Bridgeport spindles offer robust design. They use standard size bearings and a basic repair can be accomplished in a few

     days.They have grease bearings that typically require 5 – 8 hours for proper run-in. 






                                                Bridgeport VMC3020                                                                                      Bridgeport VMC3020







                           Bridgeport Discovery 308  Spindle ready to ship                                        Bridgeport VMC800 spindle with restored taper




     When I was a young maintenance mechanic in a mold making shop back in Brooklyn, NY an Old Portuguese mold maker   showed   me how to set the dials on the Bridgeport Master Milling machine. With huge magnifying glasses over his regular   glasses he would   manually turn cranks to machine any number of precision parts. There was no digital read-out.  Every   shop you went into had a Bridgeport milling machine. Bridgeport set the standard back then.


     Things have changed.Today Bridgeport provides sophisticated 5 axis CNC machines like their XR500 5 axis milling   machine. HST repairs the spindles that go into these machines. 


     Today’s machines make parts faster and to tighter tolerances. Gone is the skilled machinist setting dials and turning hand   cranks to mill away a few thousands at a time in straight lines. Now a programmer is setting complex tool paths on multiple   axis with automatic tool changes; a whole new skill set.


     But when the programmer makes a mistake or a part isn’t properly located…crash. That’s when you are glad you know   about HST. We repair Bridgeport spindles.




     Spindles on older Bridgeports only ran when the machinist was operating them. Spindles on today’s machines may not

  stop for days at a time; even running “lights-out”. This is another good reason to use HST to repair your Bridgeport   spindle.


     We will restore your worn or damaged Bridgeport spindle to factory new condition. We only use top name brand super   precision ABEC 7 spindle bearings. Journals are restored to micron tolerances, rotating components are precision   balanced, tool interface surfaces are restored to original run-out tolerances; in short you spindle will be as good as new.


     Bridgeport has been a leader in the machine tool industry since 1938. When Bridgeport introduced their Series I Standard,

  a milling machine with a revolving turret that moved the head from one end of the table to the other, it revolutionized the   machining industry.This machine, offered unheard of productivity and versatility at a price that every machine shop could   afford.


     Over the years, Bridgeport has continued to set the standard for milling machines, as well as expanding to provide many   more machining solutions.The Bridgeport name is known and respected worldwide. For over 3 decades HST has set the   standard for spindle repair. Some things don’t change.