CMS/Brembana Spindle Repair


             We repair Brembana spindles to like new condition. HST provides an OEM equivalent warranty on all Brembana spindle repairs.


             CMS/Brembana specialize in stone cutting CNC machines.Their spindles are often used for stone routing such as the shaping of granite counter

             tops. As such, they live a very tough life. Stone chips and stone dust can damage air purge seal and work their way into the spindle.

             Additionally, the spindles experience high frequency shock loads as each tip of the cutting tool works its way through the stone.

             This shock loading can damage bearing journals on the shaft and in the housing. At HST we restore damaged surfaces to original

             factory condition.






                                                                              CMS/Brembana M040 Spindle Ready to Ship




             When we repair a stone cutting spindle every surface must be carefully cleaned to remove the dust that permeates everything.

             All threaded holes are inspected tomake sure they are clear of dust that can cause threaded fasteners to jam and break. Draw bar

             assemblies must be   completely reconditioned.




                                           CMS/Brembana R3397 Spindle Before                                                             CMS/Brembana R3397 Spindle After



             CMS Brembana spindles often experience damaged air purge covers from flying stone debris. Once damaged the air purge

             can allow stone dust  to migrate past the seal. When we repair a CMS/Brembran spindle we always inspect and test the air

             purge cover. If it's not functioning 100% we replace it with a new one.






                           CMS/Brembana R3397 Spindle with  New Air Purge Cover                                     CMS/Brembana IP54 Ready to Ship

              It is true that CMS/Brembana stone cutting spindles live a hard live. But at HST we give your spindle new life with a  comprehensive repair.